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In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

One of the more memorable Allman Brothers Band instrumentals is In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.


Which prompts the question, who was Elizabeth Reed? She was Elizabeth Jones Reed Napier – a resident of Macon, Georgia who passed away more than 20 years before Dickie found the site.

Elizabeth Reed 3

Her grave site is in historic Rose Hill Cemetery in the city – a place where we kids found some peace and quiet in the late 60s. Dickie Betts has talked about how he found Elizabeth’s grave site a quiet place to write.

Elizabeth Reed 2

If you go through the arches at the main entrance of the cemetery, follow the road all the way to the bottom of the hill, then turn left. Elizabeth’s grave is on the left – overlooking the river. You’ll find it easy to ignore the railroad tracks. Please, please help keep this historic site clean.

Elizabeth Reed 1

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