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Those disgusting push polls

As a resident of Florida, my telephone has rung off the hook the past few days.  It’s always a computer and it says it is calling for a non-affiliated political organization.

It always begins by asking if I admire President Bush.  Sometimes I’ve answered yes, sometimes no.  Then it goes on to ask about important issues such as abortion, gun rights and taxes.   After getting my answers, it asks a question that begins with McCain, Romney and Guilani  being bad on an issue, then asking if I would be more favorable towards Governor Huckabee if I knew that he was pro-life,  had a gun permit, and wanted to lower my taxes.

So, it’s obviously a Huckabee push poll. Not necessarily sponsored by the official campaign, but just as annoying.

But I have a policy.  If I get a phone call supporting a candidate, I don’t vote for that candidate.  Huckster – you’re out.

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  • GUYK January 25, 2008, 4:26 pm

    a comment left on my site: “Electile dysfunction. I don’t know which dick to vote for.”

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