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The coming Florida primary

Primary season is coming to Florida, although I guess it would be considered primary-lite.  The Democrats are not campaigning here, the DNC says it will not allow Florida delegates at the convention, and the RNC says it will allow only half of Florida’s delegates to attend.  I seldom watch television, but I do listen to the radio a lot, and the only campaign ads I’ve heard at all are from Ron Paul.

A new poll shows John McCain has leapt to the lead in Florida. Previously most folks were giving Florida to Rudy Giuliani.  I’ve always wondered how Giullani would do in the world outside the Northeast.  He’s billed himself as “America’s Mayor” as though that is something to be proud of.  Perhaps in the big cities of the northeast, a mayor is an admired figure, but in most of the flyover country I’ve lived in, the mayor is, at best, of only minor importance to the lives of the populace. In most, the mayor is a clown – sometimes benevolent, sometimes malicious, but usually a clown. And that’s how Giullani is branding himself.

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  • Vince January 17, 2008, 5:43 pm

    Im still with Fred! Thompson, who is the only full-spectrum, consistent conservative in the race who is electable- he holds the south, and can be a coalition builder within the disparate factions that comprise the Republican Party.

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