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Did Hillary steal New Hampshire?


It seems (at this writing) that half the dailyKos readers think she did.

The Brad Blog has very detailed analysis here.

The argument is that in precincts where the Diebold electronic voting machines were used, Hillary won by a large margin. In the other parts of the state, where ballots are hand counted, Obama won. Remember that pre-election polling showed Obama winning easily.

I’m of very mixed opinion. First, I don’t like the Diebold machines, either. There’s no paper trail and they have been hacked, including on an HBO documentary.

But, the Diebold machines were used in areas of certain demographics, and the hand-counted ballots were used in areas of other demographics. Couldn’t the demographics explain this more easily?

Update – in a related note, Camille Paglia takes her razor tongue to Hillary (stop it).

Contemptuous condescension seems to be Hillary’s default mode with any male who criticizes her or stands in her way. It’s a Nixonian reflex steeped in toxic gender bias. How will that play in the Muslim world?

Read it all.

Update – And then there’s this.

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  • GUYK January 10, 2008, 3:43 pm

    I blogged about this earlier today..I just saw the humor about the hypocrisy of the dim-a-crits and the left wing..if that had been the general election and the GOP had won the gotdam media would be raising hell..the right wing stole another election!

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