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Iran and the Americas

Bombing attacks in Argentina weren’t merely to kill Jews.

ArgentinaMapWe’ve written many stories here about Iran’s inroads into the Americas – particularly in Venezuela and somewhat in Cuba.  We’ve pointed out that Iranian missiles have the range to hit large parts of the US if they were to build bases in those countries.

Now Investors Business Daily reports that Iran has been at work in the Americas for about two decades – specifically in Argentina.  In the early 90’s Iran and Hizbollah made several bombing attacks in Argentina that killed Jews. Now IBD reports the bombings had a second purpose.

Indeed, the bombings of the early 1990s had what suspense sleuths like to call an “ulterior motive” — to send a message to Argentina that its refusal to help Iran build nuclear weapons would be dealt with severely.

Tehran’s Argentine terror bombings began in 1992 with an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires that killed 29. Two years later, its agents bombed the city’s AMIA Jewish community center, killing another 85.

According to Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who has stayed with the case while the rest of the world has forgotten it, the attacks were “ordered, planned and financed” by Iran’s top leaders — including its ex-president, the “moderate” Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Nisman told the Jerusalem Post that the AMIA bombing “had been commissioned at a meeting held in Mashad in August 1993, attended by then-president Rafsanjani, then-intelligence minister Ali Fallahian and other Iranian ministers and military leaders.”


Iran is big trouble.  I hope someone in our government is watching.



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