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Charlie Sheen - Actor, Conspiracy Activist, Porn Addict?
Monday, April 24, 2006   By: Mahone Dunbar

Divorce petition bombshell filed by Sheen's bombshell wife.

Updating an earlier post on a Hollywood actor turned political conspiracy activist..

In a move that surprised many friends and fans of actor Charlie Sheen - who is considered a model of rationalism and social propriety - his wife, actress Denise Richards, gave a sworn declaration in which she claimed Charlie was a porn-surfing rage-o-holic. Specifically, as part of her divorce action against Sheen, she maintained that he was "unstable, violent, addicted to gambling and prostitutes, and visits pornographic web sites featuring young men and girls who appear underage," (Source: The Smoking Gun) He also shoved her to the ground and shouted "Fucking die bitch!" at her. (Ibid)

Personally, I don't believe her. Charlie spends far too much time on the web surfing anti-Bush conspiracy sites to have time for good old fashioned kiddie porn. And as far as shoving her to the ground and telling her to die, well, in all honestly, what man in a similar situation wouldn't do the same? I also have it on good authority (a good friend of mine in Hollywood, who runs with Sheen now and then) that Sheen has irrefutable proof that Dick Cheney transferred a considerable amount of Haliburton shares to Denise recently. Obviously, the fix is in to continue the Bush 911 terror campaign by shutting up those wise and brave souls like Charlie Sheen by damaging their credibility. The effort to hush Sheen virtually proves the allegations against Bush.


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