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Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn
Friday, March 31, 2006   By: Mahone Dunbar

The psycho pathology of Hollywood’s Bored Brats

Paragons of Hollywood intelligentsia: Charlie Sheen plays with his remote control model "Bush Bomber"
while Sean Penn idles away his time torturing his Ann Coulter doll with a lit cigarette.


Warning: Over indulgence in cocaine when combined with a hyper-inflated sense of self-worth may result in political hallucinations

Ah, the Hollywood left:

Their lives are more fascinating than yours

Their problems are more interesting than yours

Their political opinions are more weighty than yours


Their paranoid fantasies are more bizarre than yours

Actor Charlie Sheen recently went public with his political-conspiracy theories and proved himself the male equivalent of a dumb blonde. Here are some of Sheen's comments, with my comments added in bold. I have selectively addressed issues for the purpose of assisting Mr. Sheen in making a fool of himself. I have not attempted, being limited by time, a complete refutation of each and every assertion he makes. After that, I have done the same process with the comments of Alex Jones, from whence Mr. Sheen derives a good deal of his lunacy. Should you desire, Mr. Jones, who runs two web sites, Infowars and Prison Planet,  and will feed your paranoia for the princely sum of $39.95. He is Mr. Sheens’ paracaine dealer.

First, Mr. Sheen recounts his experience watching TV the day the twin towers were hit. "There was a feeling, (emphasis added) it just didn't look link any commercial jetliner I've flown on any time in my life and then when the buildings came down later on that day (emphasis added) I said to my brother 'call me insane, but did it sorta look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition'?"

Sheen added that in "most people's gut instinct, . . . the buildings had been deliberately imploded . . ." and this impression "was washed away by the incessant flood of the official version of events from day one."

I too watched the south tower get hit, then saw the buildings go down. I've seen quite a few buildings imploded, and I’ve never seen an implosion start near the top of a building, and take hours to finish collapsing. Charges generally take out all major support struts, top and bottom, at once, and result in the immediate collapse of the structure.

Sheen questioned the plausibility of a fireballs traveling 1100 feet down an elevator shaft and causing damage to the lobbies of the towers and noted eyewitness accounts of bombs and explosions in the basement levels of the buildings.

No doubt, some other things exploded during the melee, and, with a closed compartment like an elevator shaft, my first thought, would be that it would be likely to contain a charge as it traveled downward and until it reached something to impede it - like the basement.

Sheen waxed prolific on the collapse of building 7, which was not hit by a plane, and used the term "pull," which the demolition industry uses to describe the pulling of the outer walls of a building toward its center, to describe it’s destruction. (My first thought is, Do buildings in earthquake areas ever collapse inward?) Pull ensures that a building collapses on its own footprint. Sheen went on to mention that the climate of acceptance for serious discussion about 9/11 was far more fertile than a couple of years ago, and that "It feels like from the people I talk to in and around my circles, it seems like the worm is turning."

Sorry, Charlie, that feeling is not the worm turning, it is your mind collapsing on it’s own footprint.

Next, Sheen questioned President Bush's actions on 9/11 and his location at the Booker Elementary School in Florida, musing as to why President Bush wasn’t immediately rushed away to safety at a secret location (like the left wouldn’t have condemned him for that).

By remaining at a location where it was publicly known the President would be before 9/11, he was not only putting his own life in danger, but the lives of hundreds of schoolchildren. That is unless the government knew for sure what the targets were beforehand and that President Bush wasn't one of them. "It seems to me that upon the revelation of that news that the Secret Service would grab the President as if he was on fire and remove him from that room," said Sheen.

"Unless the government knew the targets before hand . . . ." That is hardly an obvious, much less a rational, conclusion. As far as putting the school kids in danger, now let’s see. Usama, watching CNN and seeing where the president is, immediately orders another commercial jet (yet to be grounded) to be highjacked, the location of the tiny school found on a map, and sent there to crash into it? Makes all the sense in the world - if your are a raving paranoid.

Sheen then goes on to say that "We have not been able to confirm that a large commercial airliner hit the Pentagon because the government has seized and refused to release any footage that would show the impact. I understand in the interest of national security that maybe not release the Pentagon cameras but what about the Sheraton, what about the gas station, what about the Department of Transportation freeway cam? What about all these shots that had this thing perfectly documented? Instead they put out five frames that they claim not to have authorized, it's really suspicious," said Sheen.

Seems to me I remember seeing the fuselage of the plane inside the Pentagon. And here’s a random thought of the kind us neo-cons are given to: If the powerful US government, able to steal elections, plant Clinton’s DNA on Monica’s dress, and blow up a large chunk of Manhattan with impunity, were truly covering up the absence of video of the Pentagon attack, couldn't they easily, with their resources and ability to do things like secretly manufacture remote-controlled jumbo jets, manufacture passenger lists, make the people on the passenger lists disappear, etc., submit to the press a simple computer generated image of the jet crashing into the Pentagon?

Paranoia, Inc.

Sheen shared his epiphany with the world via the Alex Jones Radio Show. Jones is Sheen’s primary data source. But you can also indulge your anti-Bush fantasies at Planet Conspiracy, which charges $39.95 (or ninety days, I forget). However, you can get anti-Bush fantasies a hell of a lot cheaper by watching CNN). The following defense of Sheen, purportedly written by Jones, is taken from, March 26, 2006. All spelling and syntax of original have been left as found.

Alex Jones's Comment on Sheen Statement, segueing into Sheen’s comments.

Hundreds of positive and negative pieces have been written about actor Charlie Sheen's courageous stand for 9/11 truth. The pro-Sheen pieces are well written and are brimming with facts, studies and in-depth investigations by concerned, caring people who know that the official fable of September 11 is a patent fraud. Conversly, (sic) the snivelling (sic) hit-pieces are written at a snot-nosed 7th Grade level by jibbering establishment sychophants. (But sycophants who can spell, and, hey, who is calling who names here?) These individuals refuse to challenge any of the facts that Charlie Sheen and others have raised concerning the 9/11 massacres.

There's a reason for that: they can't. If they look into that painful place where 3,000 Americans died, the place where the death of our Republic began, the tomb where the spectre (sic) of totalitarianism rose, they will be looking into the eyes of their masters -- those who caried (sic) out the attacks and those who seek in vain to hide the truth from the people that they would have as slaves.

The misspelling doesn't help the site’s credibility: and if we are to suppose the planes were fake, the Pentagon attack a fake - a Charlie Sheen "fact", the hijackers fake (Sheen reports that five are still alive and well, living in the Mideast) , the acknowledged source of the attack fake - then why are we supposed to believe that 3000 Americans actually died? Maybe the massacres never occurred? Perhaps it was all a secret plot by New York to hasten urban improvement? Did Dick Cheny actually hold the deed to the land the towers were built on? Like he did in New Orleans? Someone needs to check this.

Most people on the planet today know in their gut the truth about 9/11. Once you look at the facts, there is no denying the cold, hard data. So, try as you may, establishment -  the truth about 9/11 will and is (will and is? Make up your mind) coming out, and the majority of you out there fighting to supress (sic) (can't this guy afford a freaking simple thing like spell-check software? Or is the truth actually revealed here: Barbra Streisand wrote this! Are all Democrats just too proud to use a spell checker? Or do they simply consider the manna that drops from their mouths to be so sacred that form and format, like logic and reason, simply don’t matter? ) the truth didn't take part in it. By defending those who did you become accomplices. So before you dismiss us, you had better investigate. There are hundreds of prominent people in the US who have already gone public and there will be hundreds more.

And millions believe in the Second Coming and the Apocalypse and the return of the 12th Imam, and reptile people from Sirius who live in the desert and cook humans in vats (Didn’t Charlie Sheen make a movie about that?) . . . . but, as history teaches, the mere fact that lots of people believe in something, be it Hitler living in post WWII South America, JFK brain-dead but alive in a nursing home, or Paul McCartney actually being deceased for several decades and replaced by an imposter, does not make it so. Belief does not constitute fact, and multiplying the number of believers in a case where their initial view is in error is like adding zeroes to zeroes; it does absolutely nothing to increase the sum, or reality of that belief, by one iota. The history of science, for example, is a nothing more than a compendium of errant beliefs by the majority of scientists that have been proven wrong by time.

. . . but Charlie Sheen, no matter what mud you sling at him, is a hero for what he has done. He's the archetypal example of what a leader is.

Hmm. A drug taking, prostitute jumping Hollywood rich boy who espouses whacky theories?

The founding fathers were wealthy, successful men at the highest level of the British colonial government. They put it all on the line so their descendants could live in liberty.

They knew what tyranny was when they saw it.

Do you?

Oh yes. I can recognize tyranny by sight and bullshit by the smell, and this pile of paranoid crap stinks to high heaven.

Charlie Sheen felt compelled to respond to one of many hit_pieces against him, a column written for the London Guardian and carried by British commonwealth newspapers worldwide. Sheen sent his statement to The Australian newspaper. This is his full statement minus a phone number to his manager so that the paper could confirm its authenticity. This is a direct challenge for them to debate the facts.

Like so many other mainstream outlets, domestically and abroad, no attention whatsoever is given to the questions I raise or the evidence that stimulated those very questions.

Not true. I think Al Jazerra endorses a Jewish conspiracy behind the fall of the towers.

Instead, low_brow idiotic hit pieces are spewed forth in an effort to sway the readers' opinion of the messenger while blatantly disregarding any of the potentially valuable content of the story. It's transparent sandbox propaganda as dated and cheap as the paper it's printed on. Observe the same data I have. Submit a formal request to the Pentagon or the DOD to release video PROOF that flight 77 did exactly as they claim. You will be stonewalled. You will be dismissed unconditionally. If there is nothing to hide _ why are they hiding it?

(Conversely, if they have nothing to hide, how are they hiding anything?)

If any portion, or portions of this text is any way deleted or manipulated, you will only confirm what myself and countless others have suspected all along: Media complicity with no interest in the truth.

Does the media complicity include CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC?, or just FOX?

(And by the way, I have freely manipulated and cut this crap for the amusement of Paxety Pages readers. )

A CNN poll at the time of this writing currently sits at 84 percent IN SUPPORT of my views.

Well, there you go. Debate over. And maybe, say in the deep South  200 years ago, you would have found that a poll showed that ninety percentile of voting citizens believed black Americans to be a sub-species of humanity. I reiterate, belief, even when it surpasses the magical fifty-percent mark, does not constitute proof of reality.

Yet, if you continue to overlook the hard questions and physical evidence regarding 9/11 - you only confirm what so many of us "Conspiracy Idiots" have suspected all along -  The Official Report is, at best, an insulting work of FICTION.


Charlie Sheen

Hey, you called yourself a Conspiracy Idiot, not me.


How Paranoia Clarifies Events

To a Palestinian, life is simple. The Jews did it. To a paranoid conspiracy-theorist on the left, it is equally simple. George W. Bush did it. On the one hand they impugne his intelligence, and on the other they accuse him of being the source of elaborate Machiavellian plots worthy of the KGB. To the left, George W. is the love child of Dr. No and Goldfinger. But the fact that weird things have happened, does not mean weird things did happen in a particular instance, or were the result of a secret plot.

Of course, when it comes to real political conspiracy, like the fact that the Whitewater files, which Hillary denied having, were found in one of her rooms in the White House, with her fingerprints on them, liberals are amazingly hard to convince. As when the former bouncer Hillary hired to head security at the White House was found to be in possession of hundreds of FBI files on persons Hillary and Bill didn't like. Such events have nothing to do with real conspiracy. There are too many indisputable facts in evidence. It is not fantastic enough for them - and it does it involve their political opponents.

Come on guys, wake up and smell the Kool-aid.

Actor Charlie Sheen has been arrested for domestic violence, has had an acknowledged "problem" with cocaine, was arrested in 1996 for beating up a girl, and was Heidi Fleiss’ number client when it came to hiring prostitutes.

We are told not to attack the bearer of bad tidings? Yet, credibility of the herald is a vital point, particularly in a situation where extreme changes of belief are being required. Paranoia frequently involves deep-seated feelings of persecution and fear? But what is Charlie afraid of? And who is persecuting him? Have the prostitutes in Hollywood conspired to raise their prices? Is some profiteering republican bastard stepping on his coke? Just what is eating Charlie? Stay tuned to Paxety Pages.


The Return Of Sean Penn

The last we heard of Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn, he was in New Orleans trying to bail out a leaky canoe, and frustrated all-to-hell that the press wasn't taking him and his consortium of bozos, including his personal film crew, seriously. Not having seen much of him in the press lately, many of us presumed, hopefully, that he had drowned in the waters of the Big Easy.

Apparently not.

From an interview in New Yorker Magazine, we find that "Hollywood activist" Sean Penn has a plastic doll of conservative columnist Ann Coulter, whom he refers to as a snake-oil salesman, that he likes to abuse when angry. Penn has hated Coulter ever since she attacked his father, director Leo Penn, in her book "Treason." Penn revealed that he likes to "violate" the Ann Coulter Barbie-type doll and by doing such things as putting cigarette burns on her "in some funny places."

Plenty has been said about the strange world of Sean Penn in this blog and elsewhere. And as to how Sean Penn has escaped confinement in a mental institution for so long . . . frankly, I'm baffled. His history includes many instances of uncontrolled physical aggression - in 1982 he purportedly fired a gun at a helicopter passing over his wedding; in 1987 Sean Penn serves 32 days in jail for assaulting a photographer; in 1987 he was arrested for punching out an extra on a movie set, Jeffrey Klein, after Klein attempted to photograph him; he has assaulted paparazzi and bragged about it, saying " I think a fist in their face is the only way to protect my private life. I demand my freedom. And I must have it."

Yet, such is the power of being a Hollywood celeb, that he still received a permit from the state of California to carry a concealed weapon! (Ed. note: Penn started carrying a gun after his 1986 movie with Madonna, "Shanghai Surprise," when he developed the very rational fear that outraged movie fans would hunt him down and kill him.)

The man has definite anger-management issues. And self-esteem issues: he actually married Madonna to have sex with her - something few have bothered to do; then, in post-Katrina New Orleans, he set out in a leaky canoe to save Katrina victims and became a further figure of spoof. And now . . . we find out he keeps a doll - an effigy of an enemy, conservative Ann Coulter, at that - around to torture.

"Holy shades of voodoo, Batman! Just what happened to Sean Penn in New Orleans Caped Crusader?"

"I'm not sure, Boy Wonder. It reeks of a bad Hollywood script to me. Quick, to the Batmobile!"

My god. Cigarette burns on a doll

Sean Penn is, ostensibly, an adult. If I had a ten year old who abused his G.I. Joe (burning his crotch) that way I'd whisk him to a therapist faster than the average school counselor can say ADD.

Yes. Sean has a Ann Coulter doll that he does strange things to. Like burning the doll in no-no places with a hot cigarette. (Did he pick up this bit of sexual masochistic while married to Madonna? The therapist will have to ferret that out) Once can imagine the following breakfast conversation at the Penn household: " Mommy, why does my Barbie have cigarette burns all over her crotch and boobies?"

"Ah, It’s okay, honey. Daddy was having a bad night and couldn't find his Annie Coulter doll. Don't worry. Mommy will get you a new Barbie this afternoon. With a fireproof crotch."


Some Favorite Pennisms



"We have some good people in politics - it's just that they don't win," (emphasis added) Penn said. "In the same way we have some good movies, but they don't succeed in the US."

Comment: Got that Mr. and Mrs. United States? You have no taste. And you support this arrogant bastard by going to his movies. "The electoral process resembles that of the movie-going process: they choose candidates as they choose movies. It's something that we grow to accept."

"There's a long history of people who capitalize on the lowest common denominator of people's impulses."

Comment: Yes, Mr. Movie Director, and some businesses cater to the lcd’s of human nature; let’s see, would that be the Hollywood movie machine?

"Adolf Hitler being one of them. Not everybody wants to hit the wall in a violent rage and break their knuckles, so he does it for them.... "

Comment: And who does hit the wall, shoot at helicopters, knock photographers, movie extras, and spouses around for themselves . . . would it be Sean Penn?

Penn has called the United States an illegal regime and a dictatorship - never realizing the inherent contradiction that if it were, he would not be allowed to be openly criticizing it. But that's merely logic, and logic does not apply to the movies. Besides, Penn does pretty good for living in a repressive and illegal neo-con regime.

Celebrity Is Not Credibility

Credibility? Charlie Sheen begged that we not attack him personally (undermine his credibility), but only listen to his message. So, we're not supposed to consider Charlie Manson's personal history when he tells us that the Beatles are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and that he is the reincarnation of Jesus? Perhaps. That is the liberal way, after all. It's the information that is important, not the source: just like it is the intent that counts, not the results. And I'm supposed to believe some fruity, spoiled actor like Sean Penn - who likes to hit people who irritate him, who goes to Iraq to appease an enemy regime while we're on the verge of war - and not the president of the United States? Here, I think, is the crux of the biscuit: some actors have such massive egos that they don't realize when the cameras are turned off. They think they are always playing another role, the rebel, the outraged voice of righteousness in a dichotomously simple Star Wars reality (George Bush: "Hssss. I am your father, Sean . . . Hssss.").

But the world is not a stage. In reality, the dead stay dead. Stunt men don't jump in and fall off the cliff for you. And you are not as wise as a doctor simply because the script writer has supplied you with the right words for a brilliant diagnosis.

Their cosmic-sized egos can not accept the fact that they are just actors paid astronomical sums because they look nice and can remember lines, and that their celebrity and fame are not result of their IQs, education, or diligence in pursuit of success. All good liberals feel guilt at success. Their egos demand compensation to fill the yawning chasm of emptiness inside. Some fill the void with drugs, others fill it with self-inflated importance.

The actor is not the role. The Sean Penns and Charlie Sheens seem to have lost sight of this.

Hence, Sean Penn shows up in Iraq because he sees himself as the righteous voice of reason; John crying out in the wilderness. He shows up in New Orleans, with his own camera crew to film him (ala John Kerry), because he has a messiah complex, and is filming the Second Coming: Sean among the poor, the downtrodden, dispensing alms to his inferiors, helping the little people, floating on the water if not walking. Next, he will descend from the clouds over Washington, D.C., and vanquish the Bush beast. The Second Coming, starring Sean Penn; coming soon to HBO.

Watch for it.

Update - Watching paid off. Charlie's wife has a few things to say here.


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren