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GM Owners, Turn On Your Headlights
The curse of automatic headlamps   Tuesday, June 21, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Matt's Mood
Recommended music   Wednesday, November 03, 2004   By: Juan Paxety

North Florida Music Hall Of Fame
   Wednesday, September 10, 2003   By: Michael R. Fitzgerald

R.I.P. Tom Dowd
Legendary Producer Tom Dowd passes away.   Tuesday, November 05, 2002   By: Juan Paxety

The Cambridge Prep School
Find professional day care, excellent preschool programs at Cambridge Prep   Saturday, October 19, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

A Song You Won't Hear
A song that makes me want to listen to music again.   Thursday, August 08, 2002   By: Juan Paxety

The Strangest Trade In Sports
Basketball star Julius Erving was once traded for a hockey player? You bet. It could only happen in Loserville.   Sunday, May 19, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Brown, Harrison and Evans - A Story in Rhyme
The Georgia Court of Appeals resorts to rhyme to reverse a criminal case. Yes, alcohol is involved.   Thursday, May 16, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Church Moved By The Hand Of God
Some folks say a hurricane moved the church, but parishioners say it was moved by the hand of God.   Tuesday, May 07, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Voting for Shock Value May Produce Shocks
There's a lot of talk about the recent French elections. One candidate, Jean Le Pen - a right-winger, anti-crime, anti-immigration - won 17% of the vote and will face current prime minister Jaques Chirac in a runoff. There's lots of speculation that Le Pen's voters don't really support his policies but want to send a message to traditional politicians. Another theory says they want Chirac to face an easier opponent. Voters in Georgia once similarly voted in a governor's race - with shocking results.    Tuesday, April 23, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

John McCain To Run As Independent? Unlikely.
The chattering heads are promoting a presidential run by John McCain - as an independent. The chattering heads don't know how hard an independent campaign can be. I do.   Monday, April 22, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Juan Diego and NPR
NPR gives us another example of hack reporting, poor sourcing, and a general one sided, anti-religion story. This time they attack the Roman Catholic Church, the Virgin Mary, and the Blessed Juan Diego.   Wednesday, March 20, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

First Coast Mother And Daughter Murdered In Pakistan
Milton Green and his family were worshiping in church when terrorists tossed bombs inside.   Monday, March 18, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Mayport Says Goodbye to Three Heros
Three Mayport airmen died on their way home from the war. One was a female pilot, one a naturalized U.S. citizen, and one a third-generation sailor.   Saturday, March 16, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

Iraq Sued By Oklahoma City Bombing Survivors
Fourteen people who survived the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahome City sued the Republic of Iraq today. They claim that Iraqi agents took part in the planning, execution and financing of the bombing plot.   Thursday, March 14, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

The Macon Jacksonville Music Connection
The cities of Macon and Jacksonville linked to create a musical genre - Southern Rock.   Wednesday, January 09, 2002   By: J.E. Simmons

The 2000 Election and Georgia's 3 Governors
Don't know how to choose between Bush and Gore - look to Georgia, which once had three governors.   Wednesday, November 08, 2000   By: Br'er Juan

Genealogy on the First Coast
Genealogy is hot on the First Coast Some folks trace their ancestors using traditional methods and some are turning to the Internet.   Monday, May 10, 1999   By: J. E. Simmons

Women's Softball
Women's college softball was just catching on in Georgia back in 1989 There were so few teams, junior colleges and senior colleges had to play one another.   Thursday, April 13, 1989   By: J.E. Simmons

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