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Oh, my

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Massive power outage in South Florida

News reports say there is a massive power outage from Palm Beach south through Miami.  Did Val anger raul?  Is Steve H. welding?

Here’s a record

The Courier Mail from Australia reports on a record setting occurrence. The report says an American woman, Terri Comer, of Oregon has blown the highest blood alcohol level ever recorded. A WOMAN found in a car in a snowdrift with the engine running had a blood alcohol level of .72 per cent, nine times greater [...]

This and that

Steve H. is whining about the Dolphins, even though he’s not really a football fan. He should move his allegiance north and become a Jaguars fan. Last night’s game proved the team can win even with the quarterback having a bad game. With two minutes left to play and the Jaguars behind a point to [...]

Talk like Jack Bauer day