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Faxas Facts
Wednesday, August 23, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Appearing in Miami tonight

Here's the latest from Eileen:

It's been a crazy week at Eileen Faxas Headquarters. She got a unexpected call last Tuesday to appear on "Seguro Que Yes", Miami Channel 41's most popular primetime entertainment show. With only a few hours notice, Team Eileen kicked into gear and her appearance and performance were a hit! She went on to sing on Telemiami's Sunday night show "Piano Piano". And yesterday, she was featured on Radio Caracol in a segment devoted to rising stars.

But the week's biggest event is JUST HOURS AWAY.....

1334 Washington Ave
Wednesday, August 23rd @ 10pm

Macarena is the kind of South Beach hot spot you have to experience at least once… Then you want to experience it again! This is THE Eileen Faxas Concert of the Month! If you're sick of the same old, same old... witness the electrifying performance of Eileen Faxas backed by her band. Did we mention she's really funny? You won't believe what a freakishly awesome time you'll have….No se la pierdan!

What's this surprise announcement? Well, we can't tell you for another day or two...(our staffers strongly believe in jinxes), but we'll give you one hint: You may be able to see our red-haired chanteuse perform, no matter where you live. We can say no more! Except....

See you at the show!

Jorge Ferragut, Business Manager, 305-502-9015


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