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Where's fidel
Thursday, August 10, 2006   By: Mahone Dunbar

We find the answer

The world community has been justly curious as to what has become of beloved dictator Fidel Castro.  According to inside sources, after Castro's death from cancer, his followers and his brother Raul decided their best hope was to have el dictator undergo a medical decapitation and then have his head cryogenically preserved until the day medical science can find a way to revive and cure him.  To this end, they sent his mortal remains to a cryogenic suspension facility in the United States.  However, due to paperwork errors and bad routing decisions, Fidel's head disappeared somewhere along the way to his new home.  No one can say with certainty where Fidel's mortal remains now reside.  

However, while on a recent visit to see his friend Karl Rove at the White House, toss back a few brews and discuss strategies for eventually buying up choice Iranian real-estate (coming on the market sooner than you think), Paxety Pages correspondent Mahone Dunbar - who luckily had his digital camera on hand - wandered in search of a restroom and perhaps, albeit unwittingly, stumbled on the answer.


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