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An Open Letter
Monday, May 22, 2006   By: Mahone Dunbar

On Illegal Immigration

To: RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman
Republican National Committee 
310 First Street, SE
Washington, D.C. 20003

Re: illegal immigration from Mexico

Dear Sir:

I will make this as concise as possible. I am a Republican voter of long standing. I have supported President Bush and the Republican party on the war on terror and through the bad press and low poll ratings generated by the media. However, the president and the Republican Party's stance on illegal immigration is the last straw for me. For the life of me I cannot understand why the president and the Republican party are choosing to side with the democrats and the illegal aliens - who will never vote for them - to the detriment of the core of supporters who have proven loyal to both the president and the Republican party.

Could it be that you are mindless of the polls that show some 80% of Americans want a strong stance against illegal immigration? Or is this not enough of a consensus for you? What would be the point of winning the war on terrorism and then basically giving our country to forces that have no respect for the law and have subverted all legal immigration processes at the expense of both the American public and legal emigrants who seek to become Americans?

There has been mention in the press this week of the president touting another tax break, by means of extending tax relief. In general, this is a good idea; however, in the presence of the president and the Republican party caving-in on the illegal immigration issue, this seems to be nothing more than a laughable sop for Republican loyalists. America is now the Titanic, and the leak in our southern border a fatal rip in its hull. A tax break, at this point, is akin to the staff of the sinking liner offering drowning passengers tea and biscuits - and I assure the president that this tepid attempt at appeasement will not staunch the flow of anger conservatives are now focusing on him and the Republican party. We will not be distracted from the primary issue: America is being flooded by illegal hordes and neither the president nor the Republican party are doing anything substantial about it.

Approximately twelve members of my immediate family, as well as assorted friends, are of like mind with the sentiments I have expressed here. We feel your vacillation and inaction on this matter is consigning our grandchildren to life in an America that will be a third-world country. Stay soft on illegal immigration and you will have done what monolithic communism and Islamic terrorism have failed to do - destroyed the greatest beacon of freedom, individual liberty, and economic opportunity the world has ever known.

Be on notice: continue to ignore your support base by persisting in your softness on the illegal Mexican immigration problem and you will do so at the expense of your political power. Political arrogance needs to be chastised, hence, maintain your current course and I, and other members of my family, will vote against Republican candidates in the coming elections. If we have to deal with liberal democrats in the future, at least we know what to expect; beside, it will be better to vote for democrats than vote for Republicans who claim to share a kindred political philosophy with us and yet sell us out! If the Republicans do not take firm and immediate steps to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, and proffer yet another amnesty program for illegal immigrants, you will not get one more vote from us.

I do not expect this letter to be heeded. It is becoming apparent that the Republican party has abandoned us. However, should the party regenerate its spine, here is a list of suggestions regarding illegal immigration I would like to see implemented.

Take immediate steps to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border

No Guest Worker/"work your way to legal status" program. (No matter if you hide it with euphemisms, it is simply amnesty by another name)

No Social Security benefits for illegal aliens

Stop enticements for illegal immigration, such as medical and other governmental programs that subsidize them

Stop the flow of US money back into Mexico or put heavy penalties on it

Stop giving automatic citizenship to the babies (anchor babies) born to illegal aliens

Hold Vicente Fox accountable for his own people

Sir, our ire is great and our resolve is greater. Sell us out if you will, but do not dare count on us for support afterwards. I suggest you stop being afraid of bad press from the democrat-controlled media and turn your attention to us - the people who put you in office, and the people who will take you out of office! Continue in this path and in two years time you will wake up to a democrat president and democrat control of the House and Senate.

I do not usually write political letters, and I assure you that my sentiments are not atypical among your support base. If you have any desire to see the Republican party stay in power, please make your fellow party members aware of how deeply feelings are running on this vital issue. 


Respectfully and sincerely,

Mahone Dunbar


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren