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Music Again
Thursday, January 19, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Emu 0404

I'm back in the music business again. Several years ago, I packed away my synthesizer and stopped updating software thinking I wouldn't be fooling with music anymore. A few weeks ago, a friend approached me about writing and recording some background music for one of his projects - an audio book of Scripture. I agreed, got my stuff back out and hooked it to my computer - and that's when the trouble began.

I've upgraded to XP since my last music project, so, of course, none of my stuff works with XP. A particular problem was with my Encore notation software. Upgrades to Encore or Finale or Sibelius all will run several hundred dollars and all require a sound card with AISO drivers, which my old card does not use.

I made the first step in upgrading last night - my Emu 0404 card arrived. It uses the necessary drivers. Despite all the complaining about installation I found on line, I had no problems. Just removed the old card, removed all of the drivers and software, rebooted the computer, did a Windows update, and installed the new drivers and software. Everything worked just fine.

And the card sounds great. There's more oomph than my old card had. It sounds louder but the meters on my mixer show the same levels. It's obviously an audio quality difference.

Now to get the Proteus X software synth to work with the Sonar sequencer software. That's tonight's project.


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