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Banana Brains
Friday, January 13, 2006   By: Mahone Dunbar

Belafonte, Chavez and Glover sing the praises of socialism

Danny Glover, Hugo Chavez & Harry Belafonte sing the praises of socialism


The Banana Brain Song

{Sung to the tune of the Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)}


Chaaaa . . .vez

Chaaaa . . . vez

Socialists come and me want to lick butt.


Hey Mr. Tyrant man, show me yo’ behind now,

(Chorus) Harry and Danny, dhey want to lick butt

Americka we revile now, while we spend dhey money,

(Chorus) Harry and Danny, nosing ‘round his nuts.

I sing banana song, he play smilin’ darky,

(Chorus) Capitalism so bad now, make me wanna’ groan

Me so oppressed now, can’t enjoy my limo,

(Chorus) Farrakhan have space ship, he take us all home.


Chaaaa . . . vez

Chaaaa . . . vez

Socialism come and me mind is gone


Some Reflections On The Black Left In America

Two more rich and pampered Americans from the land of Oz (the entertainment industry) were at it again this week, slinging verbal feces at America while spooning with a tyrant in a foreign land. Harry Belefonte, of the Banana Boat song fame (back when your grandmother was young), and Danny Glover, an actor slash activist, from Hollywood were among many prominent liberals who went to Caracas, Venezuela to meet with Hugo Chavez and speachify about the wonders of the socialist revolution.

There is no good socialism - other than a vague religious intent to do good - and certainty no lasting, successful socialism. Often a few of the European countries are touted as outstanding examples of successful socialism; yet, their lauders tend to forget, or more likely ignore, the economic reality: these countries exist because they are protected by imperialist America and its armed forces - a by-product of its capitalistic economy. Withdraw that support and, if these European socialist systems are not immediately overrun by an enemy, they will at least realize - just before they fall face first into the mud - that their top-heavy social entitlements were buttressed by capitalism.

And let it not be forgotten that the irrepressible Rhyming-Reverend, Jesse Jackson, has also toadied up to socialist Hugo (Can you even name a third world tyrant that doesn't have Jessie's lip prints on his derriere? It's pro forma.) In August Hugo flew America's professional publicity hound to Venezuela, where he promptly began uttering public praise of the little socialist. But this is understandable, at least; wherever there is publicity to be had, Jesse will be there, flinging himself into the middle of the fray by using attention-getting devices - whether it's wiping Martin Luther King’s blood all over his shirt, making pronouncements against America, or merely practicing his elementary rhyming skills.

Is Chavez indeed a power hungry dictator who has been put into power by a manipulated election process - as the Democrats claim of George W. Bush? Of course not. The late American President Jimmy Carter went to Venezuela and proclaimed that everything about the election process was above board. No hanging chads there. We have Jimmy's word on it. That certainly settles the matter for me. A synopsis of Chavez's reputed shortcomings in the area of democracy are too many to bullet point here, and the information is easily available on a web search. You can be sure that the hierarchy of liberal black leadership in America finds no credible fault with him. After all, it's not like he's George Bush.

Meanwhile, back in America. At the Million Man More march, Louis Farrakhan praised Chairman Mao - the cherubic Chinaman who was responsible, in addition to his odious Little Red Book, for the some the greatest political repression on earth - not to mention the deaths of tens of millions of people - enough, in fact, to make the deaths attributed to the Middle Passage seem like nothing more than a Sunday afternoon boating excursion. (That is, if Black liberals count Chinamen of equal value to black Africans. I don't know the answer to that.)

In a Washington church the night before the MMM, Michael Muhammad, National Youth Minister to Farrakhan pronounced that "The white man is the devil." Well, at least he didn't call us Jews. Naturally, there was much talk about the Jews at the MMM. The position of the Jews is really distressing. They just can't win: in the early part of the twentieth century it was white racism in America that targeted blacks and Jews; now, at the beginning of the twentieth-first century, it’s black racism hating whites and Jews. And of course the Islamics hate everyone who is non-Islamic, with special emphasis on the Jews. (One wonders: if worse ever comes to worse and the Palestinians overrun Israel, can the Jews simply change their names and then hide among the Arabs? Just a thought).

So what is this thing black liberals have for petty tyrants, be it Mao, Castro, Ortega or Chavez?

Somewhere back in the nineties, in the writings of one or another black apologist for African politics and the short comings of African society, I read the opinion that slavery in Africa (which still exists in parts of the continent) was somehow more benign than slavery in America because at least the slaves were held by other Africans, i.e., slavery is okay if the slave-keeper is of the same race/culture as the slave. This also seems to be the accepted standard when dealing with tyranny. And this supreme idiocy seems to be supported by American black leftists in regards to politics. As long as the elite ruling cabal is not white, then whatever it does is okay; but if you are as ‘white’ as George Bush, watch out.

Hence, we get a matched pair of anal nose-hounds like Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte placing their nostrils in close proximity to Hugo Chavez's nether parts, and praising the smell. In all honesty, their behavior, and that of Farrakhan, the New Black Panther Party, members of the Black Congressional Caucus, the NAACP, etcetera al., prompts the question in my mind: Is there a genetic disposition among some American blacks to destroy or drag down their race by willingly re-embracing the yoke of slavery? i.e., making all of us wards of a socialist state? Black America, if taken as a single entity, has the fifth largest economy in the world.

So if socialism is so wonderful, why aren't rappers, basketball stars and Hollywood elites flocking to socialist Meccas around the world? And why do the residents of the third world continue to flock to America's racist-imperialistic shores? Answer: because we have a political and economic system that rewards individual initiative and allows the maximum of freedom to its citizens; in fact, it even rewards those who aren't citizens. And in spite of claims of "industrial racism," "sub-conscious racism" and "embedded racism", coco and brown and yellow and black people from all over the world flock here and provide us with everything from new convenience store operators to heart surgeons. Belafonte, Glover, Chavez, and Castro and their ilk are disconnected from reality. No doubt, Castro and Chavez are well aware of the disparity between what they maintain about ‘the revolution’ freeing the people and the grim truth about the poverty socialism imposes on the populace they rule. Their trade off is personal power. But what of Belafonte and Glover and the like? Simply put, they are dupes, Judas goats whose hatred of white America blinds them to everything else. Indeed, hatred seems to be the most powerful emotional force on the planet. And hatred is easily turned into political coin.

The AARP recently designated Harry Belafonte - the man who called President George Bush the greatest terrorist in the world, and Condi Rice and Colin Powell house slaves, and said millions of Americans supported the socialist revolution of Venezuela  - their man of the year (Impact Award).

Meanwhile, to match Belafonte's election as Man Of The Year by the AARP, Black Entertainment Television (BET) voted Jew hating - spaceship waiting - Mao loving - George blew up the levees - Louis Farrakhan as its man of the year. And this brings the disconnection mentioned above into sharp relief.

There is a complete disconnection between the red and blue zones of America. If white liberals in America are bad . . . are black liberals that much worse? In a word, when you factor in the residual hatred over slavery, yes. Race comes into everything - how could it not? Personally speaking, anyone who would laud the likes of Farrakhan, or anyone who would agree with Belafonte that George Bush is the greatest terrorist in the world, is so far removed from political agreement with me that only guns in the street can could possibly settle a political dispute between us. What else do you do when discourse and diplomacy become only empty rhetoric and your adversary's belief system is poison to yours? How could any responsible, rational person listen to Farrakhan's acid rants about motherships, evil Jews and white devils and deem him as anything other than a lose canon full of lose screws?

The answer may lie in Superman comics. Lex Luther, Superman's nemesis, made an imperfect copy of Superman called Bizzaro, which turned out to be a useless and grotesque parody of the Man Of Steel. Eventually, Bizzaro got his own world and filled it with imperfect copies of humans whose actions were backwards, odd, and disjointed from reality, and whose motivations were confusing due to their lack of logic. And this is the world I see before me now. We are not living on planet Earth anymore. We have been somehow transported to Bizzaro World, where anti-Americans rule, where the media stand benignly by as fools spew their paranoia and warped logic, where true tyrants are praised and honest leaders are damned, patriotism condemned and sedition encouraged, a bizarre reality where great black Americans like Condi Rice and Colin Powell are ignored by the black elite while the likes of Farrakhan and Belafonte, are praised and honored.

Meanwhile, will Belafonte or Glover be moving to Venezuela, or perhaps the worker's paradise of Cuba, to escape the tyranny of evil white Republicans? Don't bet on it.

Update - (Ed note) The AARP is now backing away from Belafonte. And so is UNICEF in the typical, wishy-washy style of the UN.


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren