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Baptist Preacher Brokebacked
Friday, January 06, 2006   By: Mahone Dunbar

God created Adam and Eve, not Lonnie and Steve


 "Praise The Lord!  Another soul saved."

God Created Adam and Eve, Not Lonnie and Steve

Dr. Lonnie Latham, AKA Brother Lonnie Latham, pastor of the South Tulsa Baptist Church, was busted earlier this week for solicitation of a male prostitute. The arrest occurred in a seedy area of Oklahomo City. . . excuse me, make that Oklahoma City, that is known as a homosexual hangout. Dr. Latham, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s executive committee, was arrested for ‘offering to engage in an act of lewdness’ but claims that he was set up since he was only ‘pastoring to police;’ hence, once can assume that he was down on his knees because he was praying for the undercover officer’s salvation.

Dr . Latham has been pastor of the South Tulsa Baptist Church since 2002. The prime mission of the church, in support of a Southern Baptist convention directive that Latham supported, was an outreach ministry to ‘gays and lesbians to . . . ‘convince them that they can become heterosexual if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their sinful, destructive lifestyle.’ Dr. Latham apparently took this particular mission directive to heart.

To fulfill his mission of befriending homosexuals, Dr. Latham had to be around them, and this may have influenced his actions and led to his downfall - in other words, who converted who? One member of the South Tulsa Baptist Church, who asked to remain anonymous, said he realized that the 59 year-old minister was becoming unduly influenced by the homosexual community he ministered to when he once described Jesus as "a lithe, sweaty, and rough-looking, but still quite a hunk," and started referring to baptisms as "golden showers from the Holy Ghost."

Though normally adverse to fundamental religious figures, members of both the Hollywood and the music industry have reached out in support of Dr. Latham. Deeply moved by Reverend Latham's plight - being persecuted by an over zealous justice system - Michael Jackson announced he was sending a generous donation to the South Tulsa Baptist Church; and Ang Lee, the director of Brokeback Mountain, has hired script writer Larry McMurtry to do a treatment of Latham’s life story.

Friends of Dr. Latham's said that he is deeply disappointed by the lack of support he is receiving from the Baptist church and may leave it. Asked where he would go if he left the church, they said he is currently considering an offer to be a youth minister in a local Catholic church.

So, could it all be a mistake? Curious, your Paxety Pages correspondent reached the undercover officer who busted Latham by phone at precinct 69 in Oklahoma City, and posed the following question to him. "Couldn't there be some confusion here? Don't you realize that the mission of Dr. Latham's ministry is to reach out and befriend homosexuals?" The undercover cop mulled my question over for a moment, then said: "Well, considering what he offered to do to me, I'd say that at least he was living up to his church directive; jeez, you can't get much friendlier than that."


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren