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Aussie Attack
Friday, December 16, 2005   By: Mahone Dunbar

Riots, Rumors and Rumors of Riots

In Australia, vicious attack-roos are trained to target men of Middle-Eastern origin

Riots, Rumors, And Rumors Of Riots

Islam In A Land Down Under

PPI – Mahone Dunbar

The rioting in Australia, which started last Sunday at Cronulla beach, has continued for a fourth straight night. In eerie parallel to the recent "neighborhood disturbances" in France, once again Islamic youth, flaming cars, Molotov cocktails, and generalized violence have occurred amid the predictable rhetoric of victim-hood. However, the Islamic youth may or may not be the instigators in the Australian incidents. That has yet to be determined. But according to first reports, Australian non-Islamic youth responded to a rumor that Australian youth of middle-Eastern origin had attacked two lifeguards at Cronulla beach and the melee was on.

Usually, when elements of mistrust, dislike and fear are in place, a rumor is the precipitate that starts the violent reaction between the elements. In Birmingham, England this past November, similar circumstances - disaffected youth and racial-cultural tension - were ignited by a rumor that led to violence in the streets. In this case, the warring parties were of Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin, and the rumor was that a band of Asians who operated a hair salon that catered to black women had raped a young black woman. Soon, through the wonders of text-messaging, blog sites and even a pirate radio station, pent-up hostilities between the two cultures were exacerbated to the point that rioting, characterized as a war between blacks and Muslims, broke out.

It is probable that the real villain in this case was economic jealously. In Lozells and East Handsworth wards where the rioting occurred, the demographics are 50% Asian, 20% black, and 17% white. The black population is primarily of Afro-Caribbean extraction while the Asian population comes largely from Pakistan, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa. The Asians, though new to the area and a minority population, now control approximately 90% of the businesses - most of which cater to the black population - in the ward. According to Bini Brown, a "militant" black leader in Birmingham, jealously isn't the cause of the discord, but racism; he notes that there is "deep racism" in the Asian community, "which is sometimes hidden . . . and sometimes out there."

Mr. Brown speaks for those in the local community who are of Afro-Carribean origin and labor under the prejudice that the newcomer-Asians - many of whom were oppressed, persecuted and expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin because they were Asian - were secretly racist! This leads one to conclude, I guess, that it's okay to hold racial prejudice against those one suspects of secretly harboring racist sentiments?

Though the rumor of the rape of the young girl was carefully investigated, more than once, and found to be untrue, it didn't faze those who advocated against the Asian/Islamic population.

The rumor is an equal-opportunity device and works both sides of the fence. In the recent Paris riots, where Islamic youth ran rampant for weeks, destroying property and attacking people, the precipitating rumor was that the Police were somehow responsible for the deaths of two Islamic youth they were chasing. (The youth hid from police in an electric substation and were accidentally electrocuted.) Nothing more needs be said of the Paris rioting: if the leadership of France doesn't care about protecting law-abiding French citizens, why should we?

Ditto for rumors in India, where, along about the mid-nineteenth century, Indian-Islamic troops turned mutinous against the British overlords they worked for because of a widely-circulated rumor that the British army was using pig's fat to grease the musket balls the troops used. (And we all know how the Islamists feel about pigs: they detest them almost as much as much as they do Jews) The rumor wasn't true, it turned out, and this fact probably provided some solace to those on both sides who died in the ensuing blood bath. The point is, the rumor as a precipitate to violence is an historic artifact.

Meanwhile, back in the Land Down Under, the non-Islamic Aussie youth have been experiencing difficulty in their efforts to eradicate the Middle-Eastern elements. The Australian government has taken a page from the dream-book of America's liberal politicians who, perhaps rightly, also fear an armed population of free-thinking tax-slaves; they have outlawed the private ownership and possession of firearms. Australia's draconian anti-gun law was passed in 1996. It effectively banned 60% of all firearms. It also required registration of all firearms and licensing of all gun owners. The police have the right to enter anyone's house to search for guns and to seize records, all without a warrant; they also have the right to go door-to-door searching for weapons. And - in a move that should rightly scare American gun owners - they use previous registration and firearm licence lists to confiscate non-surrendered firearms.

And who knows? Given the average Aussie's propensity for drink and violence, this may not be such a bad thing. Certainly, the local Islamics must be grateful for this prohibition on firearms. But Aussie youth may have found a way to circumvent this speed bump on the road to mayhem. Inspired by American rap culture and its love of attack pit-bulls, Aussie youth have been training a cadre of vicious attack-roos, i.e., kangaroos who can wield weapons. Said, Monty Wells, head of the organization Aussie-youth-for-non-Islamic-beaches, "Roos is naturally vicious, mate, and love a good dick’um fight. We just gave 'em a focus, see, by training them on dummies dressed in head-dresses, robes and such. Then we just break out a couple of cases of brew, make some weapons available - bats and iron bars and such - and let 'em lose on the beach. Let me tell you, mate, it ain't good to have a beach towel wrapped ‘round you when this happens."

Currently, a rumor is circulating around Islamic circles in Sydney that funding for the training of the attack roos was provided by actor Russell Crowe. A correspondent for Paxety Pages recently tracked down Mr. Crowe at a New York night club and asked him about this rumor, and if it was true that Aussies loved violence. The correspondent is currently recuperating at Bellevue Hospital and is expected to make his report on the interview as soon as the cast comes off of his jaw.


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