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The Merits Of Islam
Monday, October 31, 2005   By: Mahone Dunbar

Indonesia, France and India - a busy weekend for the ROP

Keenly aware of the Merits of Islam, Bonnie Prince Charles adjusts well to the fusion of Islamic and British culture. 


On October 29, in the providence of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Islamic terrorists attacked four Christian girls, beheading three and seriously wounding another. The attack occurred as the girls were cutting through a coco plantation on their way to school. Allah's brave warriors left the girls' heads several miles from the site of the attack.

Though Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, Central Sulawesi has an approximately equal number of Muslims and Christians. In 2001–2002, this same province was the scene of a bloody religious war that killed approximately a 1000 people. The religious conflict also generated about 9,000 deaths in the area in 1999.

It is Ramadan in the Islamic world now. Nothing, water, nor food, nor even smoke, is to pass the lips of the faithful during proscribed periods, and the faithful are to be unrelenting in their religious devotions; however, the Koran does not prohibit celebrating a bit by beheading Christian children


Also this week, in France, followers of the religion of peace acted up a bit. Rioting broke out for two nights in Clichy-sou-Bois, a Paris suburb where over fifty-percent of the residents are from North Africa and live in large pubic housing complexes. The riots occurred after two youths who were being chased by police had the stupidity to get themselves electrocuted after running into an electricity substation. During the fray, 200 riot police were called in, things were burned, people were injured, people were detained, etc.

In 2001, and again in 2002, in the same suburb, Molotov cocktails were thrown at a Synagogue. The suburb is also famous for containing a Muslim-themed ‘Beurger King’ that serves halal burgers - made with meat slaughtered in accordance with Islamic dietary law.

Claude Dilain, the Socialist mayor of Clichy-sou-Boio, immediately attached his mouth to the rioters butts with slug-like adhesiveness, and called for an 'efficient, rapid and transparent investigation' into the deaths of the two teenagers.

During the rioting, the French government made a half-hearted effort to appease the crowd by sending in the army with platters of cheese and truffles to feed them. However, someone in the crowd shouted out that swine were used to find truffles and the riot turned even nastier, causing the army - now being bombarded with cheese wedges and truffles - to retreat in such haste that several soldiers wound up breaking the heels on their pumps.


In New Delhi, coordinated explosions killed at least 49 people. The explosions took place in markets packed with evening shoppers getting ready for the Hindu festival of Diwali, and on a bus. Said Jack Straw, British Foreign Secretary, the blasts "appear to have been targeted at heavily populated areas to produce maximum carnage.

Though no group has officially claimed credit for the massacre yet, tension is high between India and its Islamic neighbor, Pakistan. The manner of the terrorist act - targeting heavily populated civilian areas and public transportation for bombing - bears the signature of Islamic terrorism.

Bonnie Prince Charles

Yes, it's been a busy and productive weekend for the faithful. In New Delhi they bombed civilians; in France, they rioted; in Indonesia they chopped the heads off of Christian school girls. So, with characteristic Islamic violence breaking out all over in the name of the religion of peace, doofous Prince Charles of England issues press releases and goes on a publicity tour praising the merits of Islam. He is also scheduled to meet with President Bush to plead with him to be nicer to the Islamic community.

If you have a weak stomach, you might want to take some preventative Pepto-Bismol before reading the following. I will refrain from commenting till the end.

Prince Charles is coming to America to persuade President Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam. The United States, he believes, has been too intolerant of Islam since September 11. The prince, who has privately voiced concern about America's "confrontational approach to Muslim countries and its failure to appreciate Islam's strengths," will tour the US for eight-days, appear on Sixty Minutes for an interview, attend a religious seminar, and visit the President - to set him straight.

Prince Charles' appreciation of Islam is not a new thing. Shortly after the 911 attacks on America, he met with several Islamic leaders in Britain. The Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Bar, Khalid Mahmood, who attended the meeting, said that the prince's criticism of America was a general one, of Americans not having the appreciation the British have for Islam and its culture.

According to a royal aide, the religious seminar Charles is scheduled to attend will address how faith groups can alleviate social problems in their community. In 1994, when he became Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Charles said he would rather be "defender of faiths," than "defender of the faith." The year before that, the British Al Gore, in a speech acclaimed throughout the Arab world, urged the West to overcome its "unthinkable prejudices" about Islam and its customs, and laws.

He also said he wants a greater tolerance and understanding of each other's religions, which would promote better relations between faiths. Hence, we can only assume the Prince of Ennui endorses Islamic customs such as slavery, complete subservience of women, clitoris removal in some cases, hating Jews, beheading non-believers and randomly bombing civilians; as well, the West’s "pre-judgment" that such things are morally reprehensible needs to be re-thought. Will understanding why the other side wants to kill us make us like them better? I, for one, fail to understood the logic behind such thinking.


What Every King Used To Know

Charles, Charles, Charles. You big-eared worthless moron. Are you so desirous of attention and being counted ‘valid’ for something that you'll side with anyone for ten minutes of press exposure? Alas, the imperial empire of England is well in the past. Churchill - apparently the last man with a ball-sack on your merry isle - has been smoking Imperial Coronas in hell for a generation now, God bless him. Since then, rational men have looked to the horizon, hoping to see another with his giant stride; alas for England, you came loping over the hill, mouth agape, ears flapping in the wind, a retinue of platitudes of peace and niceness following at your heels.

You, as the British monarchy's crown of creation, are the culmination of a tradition that obviously has reached an end. Please, leave the island. And take your bimbo bride with you.

The rabid monkeys of tyranny (R) are not just at the gates of Europe anymore. They are inside the house, flinging dung gleefully, wielding kitchen knives, and demanding that you, too, worship the coconut god.

England and Europe gave up imperialism. But after they quit going to the third world, oddly, the third world started coming to them, moved in with them, bred prolifically, voted, and are now sucking the marrow from European bones and filling the vacuum with third-world-medieval consciousness. In little less than a century, England has gone from master to vassal. In this world, you rule, or you serve; a real king would know that. What do your new masters want? Simple, everything you have, except without you. In fact, other than food and shelter, they want neither your government, your laws, your culture or even your decadent material goods; they simply want to replace you. Until they take complete political power and can institute gas ovens that operate twenty-four/seven, bombing you in groups and keeping you in a state of terror will have to do. Meanwhile, Charles, as western civilization crumbles around you, you stand there in your tweeds, hands in pockets, imbecilically fiddling with your own plumbing while defending your bloody new masters. As far as the free world goes, for leadership it doesn't need any more appeasers, it needs warriors. The Western man who doesn't oppose Islam doesn't love his children or grandchildren. You, like the cowardly and traitorous Bill Clinton, have become nothing more than an official apologist for boo boos committed by your civilization - i.e., our mutual ancestors whose shit-caked boots you are not worthy to lick.

You have taken the monarchy from being active leaders, to pampered decoration, to effete window bunting. Don't you realize the risk you take when you open your mouth? You chance to prompt questions among the few real Englishmen left, like, What are we supporting the likes of this idiot for? And, Didn't the queen have the good sense to have him neutered?

Congratulations Charles. Your irrelevance is now firmly established. Now face the East and bow to the coconut god.

Prince Charles’ Top Ten List Of The Merits Of Islam

10. Makes hatred of Jews socially acceptable

9. Removes all doubt about which religious ideology to embrace

8. A boon for the sword and knife industry

7. No more time wasted in useless political debate

6. No more nagging wives

5. Tons of money saved on schooling for daughters

4. Koran would provide new epic material for Hollywood

3. Makes women's wardrobe decisions a cinch

2. Provides a nice banner under which the Quislings of the West can gather

1. You could use real severed heads for decoration at Halloween - if they permitted Halloween


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren