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Faxas Escapes Rita, Gets Gigs In Miami
Thursday, September 29, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The latest from Eileen

Here's the latest from Eileen Faxas - who's in Miami this week -

The last time Eileen rocked a stage was the end of July in Houston. Where the heck is she? Well, she went to Miami, where Hurricane Katrina left the light off for her…

Don’t despair, Houston fans! She’ll be back.

But let’s face it: Miami fans were getting seriously shortchanged. To stop this musical injustice, Eileen is putting on TWO, count ‘em, TWO shows this weekend. So SOUTH FLORIDA, TAKE NOTE – AND KINDLY SPAM THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW:

THIS FRIDAY, September 30TH– Eileen is the featured performer inside El Dorado Furniture Store on Calle Ocho as part of Little Havana’s Viernes Cultural (Cultural Friday) celebration. Eileen will take the stage at 7:30pm, then again after a guayabera fashion show. There’s also an art exhibit. This is perfect for the whole family & completely, utterly, absolutely free!

THIS SATURDAY, October 1st
– Eileen in her first major concert since landing in the Magic City. This performance takes you to the heart of Coral Gables and Café Demetrio, 300 Alhambra. The show starts at 9pm. Plan to enjoy a light dinner on the patio or a delicious coffee and dessert as Eileen sings under the stars. Or just have the tap water. No pressure…

And we heard you when you complained, er, uh, suggested to us that our website didn’t have enough photos of our Latin Diva. Since our onetime Consumer Reporter is all about resolving complaints, she gave us our marching orders and Voila! now has a PHOTO GALLERYof our Artiste in Concert! Look for more pictures next month…

Eileen is thrilled to contribute her voice & song to'THE KATRINA CD'.Artists from around the country have each donated a special song to The Katrina CD & proceeds from sales of the CD will help the afflicted from Hurricane Katrina. Eileen hopes you multi-taskers will support this mission & enjoy some fabulous music all at once!

• Eileen is currently featured in an interesting, artsy website called
• “Vivelo” is playing on Miami radio stations Romance 106.7 & Clasica 92 as part of a commercial
for El Dorado Furniture.
• Houstonians: View Eileen’s performance schedule
for her return to Houston via radio
• Check out the new goodies for sale in Eileen’s totally revamped SHOP!
• Labels: People of note are noticing Eileen. Get in on the ground floor before an ugly bidding war breaks out…


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