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So, You Still Think There's An Embargo - XV
Monday, August 08, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

More on Nebraska's upcoming trade trip

Over the past several years, Cuba has contracted to buy $1-billion - that's billion with a b - worth of agricultural goods from the United States. The figure is reported by the Yankton (South Dakota) Press & Dakotan in a story about Nebraska's bid to sell even more.

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (Republican) is preparing for a trade mission to Cuba. He wants to sell dried beans to fidel.

State Department of Agriculture Director Greg Ibach said a trade relationship with Cuba would be natural for Nebraska. He said dry beans are an inexpensive protein, and Nebraska is the U.S. leader in dry bean production.

The six-day mission will begin on Saturday and will include members of The Nebraska Farm Bureau and The Nebraska Corn Board. fidel is also interested in buying soy beans and corn from the U.S.

Ibach and Heineman expected some controversy about the decision to explore a business relationship with Cuba, even though 21 states already sell approved products there.

"Ninety-eight percent has been positive," Ibach said. "The few letters of concern really haven't been overly objectionable, which surprised me."

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture's web page is here. The email address is


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