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Frolliganting Friday - Swamp Music
Friday, July 01, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Hit songs by new Jacksonville artists

In 1999, Attitude Records contacted Jacksonville musician, musicologist and recording engineer Mike Fitzgerald about an interesting project. The idea was to have current North Florida musicians do covers of past hits originally recorded by North Florida musicians and songwriters. Musicians volunteered to play and began cutting the tracks at several First Coast studios. But, as happens in the industry, the record company went under and the recorded songs sat on tape in Mike's studio gathering dust.

We're happy to be able to release them here for educational purposes. They're in mp3 format.

Train-Train - by Stevie Ray Stiletto

Midnight Rider - by Todd Horn

Rockin' Into The Night - by Dovetonsil

Hold On Loosely - by Sunshine Jones

Flirtin' With Disaster - by Powerball

Heartbreak Hotel - Jennifer Ray

Gimme Three Steps - by Leonard Skinhead

Whippin' Post - Haggard

Dreams - Ron Perry

Spooky - Lovecraft

Simple Man - Dan McClintock and Ryan Key

What If I'd Been The One - Happy Hour

Techno-cly, It's The Orange Blossom Special - DJ Juan and the Minorcan Mob


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