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The Cuban Cocktail Party
Tuesday, June 21, 2005   By: Juan Paxety


I've written before about the big cocktail party at the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, D.C. It appears it was infiltrated by some couragous young folks last night. From

Cuban Interest Section is Infiltrated By Younger Generation Cuban Americans
by Beatriz M. Bezos

In fulfillment with one of the primary objectives of The Domino Network, education, Maria Teresa Arguelles joined a group of Cuban Americans and Americans who infiltrated a gala hosted by the organization Pros in the City and the Cuban Interest Section at the former Embassy of Cuba in Washington DC this past Saturday evening. The infiltration was the brainchild of Maria Werlau, a prominent activist from the New York/ New Jersey area and a fellow activist from the same area.

Younger generation Cuban Americans comprised the group of infiltrators along with liberty loving Americans. The diverse group lives in various cities, including Chicago and the New York, New Hampshire, South Florida, and Metropolitan Washington areas, and belongs to various generations.

The group that penetrated the Cuban Mission was able to bypass the security apparatus of the Cuban regime even though all guests had to be cleared by a Cuban security team before entering the party. Among the group were key individuals who recently had spoken publicly in the Washington area about the violations of human, civic, political and labor rights inside Cuba.

During the gala, the group distributed cards with photos of the Cuba enjoyed by tourists, contrasted with photos of the terrible conditions in Cuba and the sad reality of oppression and injustice. Surrounded by the vigilant eye of the Cuban security group, the group bypassed the vigilance and was able to interact with the guests, even able to converse with them.

When the security agents discovered the cards in the hands of the gala guests and laid on tables through out the rooms, they began trying to identify the infiltrators. As security agents identified the participants, they were removed from the premises, some under force.

Part of the group was able to stay at the gala, without being identified by the security agents. A fearless young Cuban American, after having achieved his goal, pasted stickers demanding freedom for Cuba on his clothing and face and was summarily removed from the premises.                                                               

The last two participants remaining inside the interest section were Maria Teresa and Guillermo Vallejo, a political science student in Chicago and member of The Domino Network’s working group, Domino University Group. They had the opportunity to challenge the consul confronting him about the Cuban reality and the overall lack of freedom. Vallejo reminded the consul of Cuba’s incursion in Latin American and African governments and the involvement of his boss in the Bogotazo. At this time the consul had already alerted security and Arguelles and Vallejo were closely followed.

Ms. Arguelles and Mr. Vallejo proceeded to approach the American organizer of the gala event, thanking him for the opportunity to share the Cuban reality with the group of professionals that participated in the gala event that evening.

With dignity and closely followed by Cuban security agents, Arguelles and Vallejo descended the beautiful staircase to the entrance of the main lobby. As they exited, they assured the agents that they will return to the embassy, the day that it represents a free and sovereign Cuba.

The group of infiltrators was accompanied by a group of demonstrators outside the building who received the black tie gala guests with large posters of Human Rights violations and Political Prisoners in Cuba and waving American and Cuban flags. Arthur Estopinan, chief of staff of Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen, with the support of Congressman Jim Sessenbrenner, organized the demonstration. Pro Democracy activists from Colombia, El Salvador and Nicaragua joined the Cuban Americans demonstrators outside the compound. 

Keeping a protective watch over the Cuban Americans inside the gala, key individuals outside the compound kept a protective vigilance via instant communication and visual surveillance of the gates of the compound. The group of demonstrators left the area quietly but remained in the area maintaining vigilance until all members of the infiltrating group were safely outside the Cuban mission

Update - The Real Cuba has more - plus a photo of one of the ladies being thrown out of the party.

Update - Val at Babalublog has more, too. And be sure to read the comments that I'm sure will be posted at his site.


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