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A Personal Note On The Recent Tragedy In Atlanta: Did Political Correctness Kill?
Monday, March 14, 2005   By: Lehamic Renwar

From an almost eyewitness

On Friday, March 11, 2005, a worthless piece of human garbage wrestled a gun from a female deputy sheriff at the Fulton County Justice Center, shot her, executed Judge Roland Barnes and his court stenographer, shot and killed another deputy as he made his escape, and is suspected in the murder of one other before his arrest Saturday.

When he was cornered by other armed men, whom he couldn't take by surprise, this he-man meekly gave up. He could put a bullet in the back of the head of a court stenographer who presented no threat to him, but in the end, he verified for the world what most knew: he is a quaking coward.

And what does this have to do with political correctness?

It just so happens, I was in Judge Barnes' court room at the Justice Center four days before the killings took place. I was there for consideration as a grand juror - which position they wisely did not select me for. Had I been selected, I would have returned Friday and been in the courthouse when the murders took place.

I spoke to Judge Barnes briefly on a matter pertaining to grand juror service. In my brief encounter with him, it was obvious he was an intelligent, engaging, friendly person. While I sitting, waiting patiently for the proceedings to get over, I observed the female deputy who was in charge of Judge Barnes’ courtroom that day–I'm not sure yet if she was the one that accused killer Brian Nichols overpowered, but the principle I'm bringing up remains the same. She was a short, very obese, Santa Claus-sized black lady. To me, she certainly did not look like a prime physical specimen, and, with ironic prescience,  I wondered at the time if she were capable of holding her own physically should she be attacked. Apparently, these same thoughts went though the reptilian brain of Brian Nichols four days later.

A lot of mistakes occurred that day. Most of those mistakes, which cede extra rights to criminals, I firmly believe lie at the foot of the left-leaning element of our judicial system. I'm sure every member of the ACLU, and every radical defense lawyer in the nation, got a sound sleep Friday night. They never recognize anyone else’s culpability, so they obviously don't worry about their own.

What happens next will be as laughable as it is predictable. The left will suggest more gun control, more restrictions on the freedoms of citizens who abide the law. Their rule is: When something tragic happens, always make it more difficult for the law abiding citizens to protect themselves.  And no one will broach the idea that perhaps, as a general rule, women are not as physically capable as men, and that escorting dangerous, physically intimidating poisoners should be the task of those who are physically up to the job of preventing what happened at the Justice Center in Atlanta last Friday. But political correctness will not be swayed by reality. Friday I heard one local TV commentator exclaim (paraphrasing), "Why was he left alone with just a female deputy?" Then immediately realize his PC offense and amend himself with, "Uh, not that I'm saying female deputies aren't just as capable as male deputies."

I am an admitted throwback. When there is no doubt of guilt, as in this case, and no extenuating circumstances other than the fact that the subject is a soul-less sociopath, I believe the guilty party should be lathered in raw flesh then tossed into a pit to be rendered apart by ravenous wild animals–and the video shown in schools all over America.   That video would be more instructive than anything else the students are exposed to in a public school, and certainly more productive of good citizenship.  

It is real simple, folks: some people need to die. When a society doesn't realize this, a massacre such as occurred in Atlanta this Friday is the result. And it will happen again. Political correctness kills.

Wake up America.

Update - Michelle Malkin discusses the same issue.

Second Update - Since this initial posting I have seen a photograph of the female deputy who was assaulted, and she is the same deputy whose physical capabilities I wondered about while involved in the grand jury selection process.


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