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An Open Letter to the Independent
Tuesday, January 04, 2005   By: Mahone Dunbar

What hath an article wrought?

I read this disgusting post, and had to respond.  Go ahead and read it - I'll wait.


Dear Editor:

I was sitting at my computer, peacefully having my breakfast, when I read some comments in your article "Could the tsunami be the turning point for the whole world" and almost spewed all over my monitor. Several of the comments made me gag, but the comments by Bill Bailey and Dinos Chapman were outstanding in their intellectual opacity.

Mr. Bailey referred to the tragic events of 911 as a missed opportunity for understanding the world that was used as an excuse by President Bush to go to war. Mr. Bailey used the tsunami disaster as a pathetic and unjustified segue to go after President Bush. This is reprehensible in the extreme. Doesn’t his world view of peace and understanding and a place at the political table for everyone embrace American conservatives? By Mr. Bailey’s logic, if I may stretch the meaning of the word, when Hitler sent German bombers to pulverize England, was that a missed opportunity for understanding the world? Or an excuse by the likes of Roosevelt and Churchill to go on a rampaging adventure that ranged from Europe to Africa?

I’m not sure what planet Mr. Bailey comes from, but here violence and mayhem visited upon one culture or ideology by another–such as the Holocaust or the Inquisition--are not opportunities for understanding but grim acts that sometimes require equally grim and violent responses.

The misplaced ideological jab against capitalism ("Western capitalism demands that people be impoverished . . . ") by Artist Dinos Chapman, was also stunning. A) Other than the fact that The capitalist county, the United States of America, sent more aid to the survivors of the recent tsunami than anyone else, what did capitalism have to do with the tsunami? And, B) is the author of this sentiment historically blind to the poverty of socialist and communistic lands?

Truly, some of the esteemed individuals you quoted in your article have an axe to grind with America, and have shamelessly trod upon the lifeless bodies of the tsunami victims to make their point.

So, in answer to the article’s implied question: Will the world come together and accept all of the diverse ideas of politics, government, religion and social order that currently exist on our increasingly shrinking planet? My answer would be absolutely not. And thank God for it. I certainly do not share the outrageously stupid views of these socialist hypocrites you have quoted and can’t conceive of a system of government in which we would be pleasant bedfellows.

If these comments are representative of England as a whole, I must ask: Where have all the good and reasonable men of England gone?



(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren