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Blogger Refutes Old Media Claims of "Second Resolution"
Tuesday, February 25, 2003   By: Juan Paxety

It's not a second resolution - it's the 19th.

[Image]I've been annoyed by the media reports calling the newest UN Security Council resolution on Iraq a second resolution. Donald Rumsfeld calls it the 18th. I questioned a CNN producer by e-mail, asking why they don't accurately report the number of resolutions. He challenged me to name and attribute the resolutions. Here are 18 that I have found - making the one currently under debate the 19th:

Resolution 660 - (August 2, 1990) condemns Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and calls for unconditional withdrawal.

Resolution 661 - (August 6, 1990) Imposes economic sanctions on Iraq.

Resolution 678 - (September 29, 1990) Demands compliance with resolution 660

Resolution 686 - (March 2, 1991) Demands Iraq's compliance with 12 previous resolutions condemning it's invasion of Kuwait (Resolution 660 and 11 others that slightly amend or amplify 660 -it appears the UN doesn't count them as separate resolutions)

Resolution 687 - (April 3, 1991) Cease-fire and mandate of UNSCOM

Resolution 688 - (April 5, 1991) Condemns Iraqi attacks on Kurds and Shiites

Resolution 699 - (June 17, 1991) Iraq liable for costs associated with UNSCOM

Resolution 707 - (August 15, 1991) Iraq's compliance, inspection flights, Iraq's disclosures

Resolution 715 - (October 11, 1991) Approval of ongoing monitoring and verification plan

Resolution 1051 - (March 27, 1996) Approval of export/import monitoring mechanism

Resolution 1060 - (June 12, 1996) Condemnation of Iraq's refusal to grant inspection access

Resolution 1115 - (June 21, 1997) Condemnation of Iraq's refusal to grant inspections and interviews

Resolution 1134 - (October 23, 1997) Condemnation of Iraq's behavior, further sanctions threatened

Resolution 1137 - (November 12, 1997) Condemnation of Iraq's behavior, imposition of travel ban

Resolution 1154 - (March 2, 1998) Endorsement of the MOU on access to Presidential sites

Resolution 1194 - (September 9, 1998) Condemnation of Iraq's decision to stop all UNSCOM work

Resolution 1205 - (November 5, 1998) Condemnation of Iraq's decision to halt monitoring

Resolution 1441 - (November 7, 2002) Demands disarmament and inspections


Update - Several of the above links stopped working during the day. I have now replaced those with links to other working pages.

Update - Why won't the old media accurately report the number of resoluions? I speculate here.


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