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Refugee children then and now

The Obama administration is allowing tens of thousands of children to cross our border on safe buses and, perhaps, stay here.  He and his media cronies are calling the children refugees.

Remember just a few years ago when, also during the administration of a Democrat president, a little boy crossed shark infested waters, his mother drowning on the way?  President Clinton reacted by sending armed thugs to kidnap the boy from his loving family and return him to the communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Elian Gozalez

Would Elian Gonzalez be welcome now?


Begin anew

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Rubio 2016


Obama logo

On Karl Marx’s birthday, Barack Obama kicks off his campaign for reelection, using as his slogan the title of one of Marx’s books.

Here’s what the logo should look like.

Obama's 2012 campaign

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The Iowa caucuses finished with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in a virtual tie. Michelle Bachman, who identified herself closely with the Tea Party, finished last. Most Tea Party folks seem to think of Romney as a big government moderate and Santorum as too much of a Washington insider. So, did the Tea Party fail?

Or, did the Tea Party succeed in infusing its smaller government, lower spending, balance the budget ideas on the Republican candidates? Both Romney and Santorum are talking about those issues.

Don Surber has a post on Santorum’s rise – and concludes with this:

Conservatives have a great AA team. Unfortunately, we’re in the big leagues. But we have a lot of prospects for 2016, which is better than where conservatives were in 2008.

It will be interesting to see how it works out.



The MSM reporters are proving, once again, that they are idiots. They are reporting that no one saw the rise of Rick Santorum. It wasn’t hard to see if you shut up, got out of the beltway, and watched.

Iowa is a retail politics state and Santorum is the only candidate who made it a point to visit each of the state’s counties early on.