The Alleged Embargo

So, you still think there’s an embargo XXXVI

We’ve written for years on the half-assed embargo of Cuba – some things embargoed, some not, states cowtowing to fidel for business, businesses organizing to ship even more to Cuba, and a push to eliminate the requirement at Cuba pay before the goods are shipped. Now from Net For Cuba What Cuba Embargo? By INVESTOR’S […]

So, you still think there’s an embargo – XXXV

California’s agriculture and food secretary, A. G. Kawamura is on a visit to fidel’s tropical workers’ paradise this week, and for a change, The Associated Press begins to see a bit of the apartheid: California hopes it can carve out an upscale market for such goodies as pistachios, figs, kiwi fruit and wine in Cuba, […]

So, you still think there’s an embargo – XXXIV

Business executives and politicians in the U.S. continue their treks to fidel’s tropical island gulag with the idea of making a fast buck. The Sacramento Business Journal reports on the latest from California. Eleven companies, led by A.G. Kawamura, the state’s food and agriculture secretary, will visit Cuba Jan. 21-24 to market California agricultural products […]

Cuba Conundrum

That’s the headline on a story from Saskatchewan. It seems a snowbound Canadian wants to go on a tropical vacation – which means Cuba – but, sigh, there are concerns. But there are important considerations involved in deciding to pour one’s vacation dollars into a country with such a despicable human-rights record. For me, this […]

So, you still think there’s an embargo, XXXIII

A lot of folks believe there is really an effective embargo against Cuba.  Some even follow fidel’s assertion and call it a blockade.  Look, then, at this from the International Herald Tribune. Wearing a Santa suit and a wide grin, a wealthy Florida rancher doled out sneakers and sweets to Cuban children on Sunday, bringing […]