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Friday, December 03, 2004   By: Mahone Dunbar

Cat blogging Friday.

To whom it may concern: if you've read my post on cats, this guy, Scooter, helped form those opinions.  My wife rescued him from a convenience store parking lot in the Georgia mountains a little over a year ago.  Never humble or modest, he moved into a multi-cat household, quickly sized up the situation re the other cats, and began taking over.  At first everyone played with him.  But his aggression quickly became too much for them (He's a butt biter).  Now, Hippy, a passive rolly-polly long-haired gray and white who may be slightly retarded, or a throwback (a Neandercat), growls when Scooter comes into a room, then quickly scurries to another room or under the sofa.  Yet in this picture Scooter looks so innocent.  Don't believe it.  He is a holy terror.  Pray for me.  Pray for my other cats.


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